We were so pleased to receive this feedback from the online training course that we delivered recently that we had to share!

We were asked by the Department of Modern Languages at University of Exeter to provide two bespoke online training sessions, tailored to their staff and students.

“Toni and her assistants, Charlie and Stuart, put on a really helpful online training session for staff and students of the University of Exeter.

The training was clear and methodical and there was plenty of time to put the skills into practice with a writing exercise that received vital input from readers with learning disabilities.

The team from The Easy Read Company made clear that producing Easy Read is challenging but the training also made it seem achievable with the right kind of resources and a positive culture of inclusivity. Even just as a training in understanding the full range of information needs for a diverse client base it was invaluable.

We appreciated that Toni was willing to target the training towards students of Translation Studies and also that she made some tweaks between our two sessions, having learned what worked well in the first session.

We would recommend this training highly to other organizations and intend to use it again ourselves.”

Professor Chloe E M Paver – University of Exeter

We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions ourselves and feel it’s so important to inspire and educate more Easy Read creators. We look forward to working with the the university again in the future.